5th Generation Managed Threat Detection & Response (MDR)

Speed Time to Detection. Protect Your Brand. Lower Your Costs. Simplify Compliance.

24×7 Advanced Cyber-Threat Monitoring & Detection for Businesses & Government Agencies

Speed Time to Detection

The problem:  The time it takes to analyze logs & alerts has a direct impact on “Time to Detection” of threats.

  • With today’s increasing log and event volumes, large queries are slowing down, so only smaller data sets are typically analyzed.
  • Sifting through mountains of data to find the threats is a labor intensive exercise requiring tools that can query extensive amounts of data.
  • SIEM solutions are expensive, slow, and ineffective in detecting today’s advanced threats.

Security On-Demand’s ThreatWatch® platform is powered by patented AQ TechnologyTM, which performs complex queries across petabytes of data in minutes, compared to days or weeks, while reducing time to detection time from quarters and months, to days, hours and even minutes.

Lower Your Costs

Security On-Demand’s 5th Generation platform, offers a fully managed solution that integrates the SOC, robust tool sets, response, and analyst support into a simple monthly subscription price – based on a “per device” per month cost model.

  • Industry prevalent 3rd and 4th generation threat detection systems do not have the ability to triage threats at an affordable cost for most organizations.
  • Industry research shows that maintaining SIEM tools can cost 3-5 times the initial solution cost (not including staffing).
  • Pay as you grow and only for what you need without log data production limits (No EPD limits).

Simplify Compliance

“Being Compliant” with industry security standards and security controls do not equate to “Being Secure”.   How do you best utilize your compliance budget for SOX, PCI, GLBA, FFIEC, HIPAA, and others towards also being secure?

  • Log Management & Analysis for all in-scope devices, servers, systems, etc.
  • 24 x 7 Threat Monitoring including documentation for all investigations of suspicious activities
  • Robust reporting with hundreds of reports for compliance and other reporting needs

Security On-Demand’s Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service gives you the best of both worlds providing both compliance support AND threat protection.

What is a 5th Generation Platform?

The attackers are ahead of the defenders, and they always will be.  No one can anticipate the full range of cyber-security threats, vectors, and trade craft that will be used to penetrate systems, steal data, or destroy information assets.

Even with those constraints, we can still apply a generational approach to how cyber-threat detection platforms must evolve in order to stay ahead to the degree possible.  Security On-Demand has advanced the thought leadership in the industry on this topic and provides a 5th Generation platform with the following capabilities:

  • Faster Time to Detection Ability (reducing breach impact)
  • Average 50% cost Savings over in-house solutions
  • Lower cost of triage & threat analysis
  • Higher % of Advanced Threats Detected
  • AQ TechnologyTM – Big Data Analytics Platform
  • Behavioral analytics platform (ThreatWatch)
  • Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC)
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Automated Remediation/Orchestration
data security compliance

Compliance Made Easy

Performs the logging of devices required by PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory acts and provides a single pane of glass where you can generate the necessary compliance reporting.

Data visibility and control

Reduce Time to Detection

Customized portal views allow staff to look at trends across the business, enabling rapid identification of emerging threats; while individual departments see only what is relevant to their group.

brand trust

Defending Your Brand

We cut through the noise and bring forward YOUR critical threats. By detecting threats faster and providing actionable notifications, we help you minimize the impact of attacks.

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