Today it takes as little as 19 minutes for an attacker to “own” you

Historically, the time it took an attacker to compromise your systems was 90 days or more. Then it changed to only a month. Then a week and then 24 hours. Now, according to the DOD, the average time for a Russian state-sponsored hacking group to compromise a system is 19 minutes. You can’t detect and respond that quickly, no human can.

The initial attack likely started well before that, leaving clues or “indicators” of their actions buried inside petabytes of log data. And that’s where Security On-Demand comes into the picture. With the ability to analyze all the the data all the time, we can see trends that are occurring, can analyze these indicators to help detect imminent threats in the early stages of an attack.  The attackers continue to be ahead of the defenders and likely always will be.  Security On-Demand is your solution.

Threats are evolving fast. SIEM solutions and other rules or signature-based products are already beaten by the attackers. Security On-Demand utilizes a 5th Generation platform to find the advanced threats. We invest heavily into R&D to advance patented technologies using behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

behavioral analytics

Compliance Made Easy

Performs the logging of devices required by PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory acts and provides a single pane of glass where you can generate the necessary compliance reporting.


Reduce Time to Detection

Customized portal views allow staff to look at trends across the business, enabling rapid identification of emerging threats; while individual departments see only what is relevant to their group.


Defending Your Brand

We cut through the noise and bring forward YOUR critical threats. By detecting threats faster and providing actionable notifications, we help you minimize the impact of attacks.

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Behavioral analytics are critical to successful security monitoring and detection. Quite simply, standard rule and signature based detection is wholly insufficient to detect today’s attacks. Unfortunately, when most organizations think about and implement behavioral analytics they only approach it through looking at human behaviors via user behavioral analytics (UBA). However, real security is better achieved […]

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