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Explore SOD's Solutions According to the DOD, the average time for a foreign
state-sponsored hacking group to compromise a system is 19
minutes. You can't detect and respond that quickly, no human can.
Attacks can come from anywhere. So, we look for them everywhere.
Explore SOD's Solutions Manage your threats, surveille your attacker's scans, detect anomalies and unknown threats faster than ever before. Full-Spectrum Threat Monitoring Services

Cyber Security has become a Big Data Problem.

Organizations generate so much data that attackers can essentially hide in plain sight. Attackers know that static cybersecurity tools will not detect them.

ThreatWatch Advanced Detection & Analytics solution leaves no data behind in your data analysis, which means we find the 60% of threats that your missing with your other cybersecurity tools.

How do we know if we search for cyber threats when we generate millions or billions of logs each day?

Our ThreatWatch platform is the only solution able to analyze ALL your logs, catching more threats hiding in your data.

Log-based pricing is expensive and difficult for us to budget

Our pricing model is easy to plan for and easy to scale. With us, you pay per device.

We have too many false positives to investigate

Between our Machine Learning capabilities and our SOC analysts, we significantly decrease the amount of alerts you see.

Query speed is too slow.

Our query speed is 7x faster than our competitors due to our AQ Big Data Engine.

SIEMs only analyze a small subset of data

Our AQ Technology is the big data engine in ThreatWatch that can effortlessly query your data continuously.

Attackers are getting in faster, and we need to defend and respond faster

We get it. That's why we've built the fastest and most accurate threat detection platform, equipped with unbiased anomaly detection to find threats that most providers miss.

We want to implement a MITRE ATT&CK framework, but it's complicated

We've built in the MITRE ATT&CK framework into our ThreatWatch platform for you.

ThreatWatch detects "smells" within the data where attackers are hiding

Discover the New Integrated ThreatWatch Solution Suite

  • Our core technology platform and service ties your data to detection and analysis so you can find all the threats
  • We are uniquely equipped to analyze ALL your data, which means we find the other 60% of advanced threats your current cyber security cannot find
  • Query the data 100x faster, search the full log line, and enjoy the benefits of in-depth log analysis
  • Respond to threats by isolating the process or quarantining the entire system
  • Prevent a compromised system from spreading malware or infecting other systems
  • Reduce the malware dwell time in your environment
  • Shorten the attack and speed your response times by knowing exactly where to look and remediate.
  • With each of our services, you gain access to our AQ powered ThreatWatch platform that allows you to see what is happening in real-time
  • Includes all the dashboards and reporting you need to make decisions and meeting compliance requirements

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