Finding Breaches

The world no longer cares about alerts, logs & flows.
We only care about one thing, the threat to your business.

Threat is the issue – Is your company being breached?  Is your company’s brand and image going to suffer?

Reduces Detection Time

Attackers can penetrate your network and remain hidden for months, even years. No system is completely safe, they will still get in – but can you find them quickly once they land?

Security On-Demand reduces detection time from months and years down to weeks or days.

Behavioral analytics, visualization, threat intelligence, & advanced use cases

Security Event Incident Management (SIEM) solutions cannot find today’s advanced threats.

ThreatWatch 2.0 provides behavioral analytics, visualization, threat intelligence, & advanced use cases to detect threats that SIEMs & other solution providers can’t find.


Compliance Made Easy

Performs the logging of devices required by PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory acts and provides a single pane of glass where you can generate the necessary compliance reporting.


Reduce Time to Detection

Customized portal views allow staff to look at trends across the business, enabling rapid identification of emerging threats; while individual departments see only what is relevant to their group.


Defending Your Brand

We cut through the noise and bring forward YOUR critical threats. By detecting threats faster and providing actionable notifications, we help you minimize the impact of attacks.

CISOs need to be able to manage risk and ensure security without interrupting the business. This is a tall order and Security On-Demand’s 8 Keys to Security Success can help.


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UPDATE: WCry Ransomware 20170515:1841 Summary Security-on-Demand continues to heavily monitor for and alert on any WanaCrypt 2.0 (WCry) Ransomware activity. The WanaCrypt malware continues to garner heavy attention and be a concern for organizations across the world. While it continues to be a threat, much of the spread appears to have been contained as security […]

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