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Problems We Solve

Massive volumes of data

We analyze all the data, all the time. 7x faster than industry competitors.

Securing your remote employees

We monitor all your devices 24x7.

SIEMs are only finding static threats, but 60% are dynamic

Our advanced ThreatWatch technology uses behavioral analytics and 6 different AI models to detect unknown, dynamic threats.

Too many false positive alerts

Many IT Security teams are inundated with too many alerts, taking up valuable time and resources from the alerts that matter most.

Query speed is too slow

Our query speed is 7x faster than our competitors, due to our AI machine learning models.

Cyber security is expensive and I need high value solutions that fit my budget

Our cyber solution experts can help craft the best solution for your business and budget.

Time to detection windows are shrinking

Threat actors are innovating and compromising systems faster than ever before. You need a solution that can detect unknown threats and anomalies even faster.

Introducing Our Award-Winning ThreatWatch Solution

  • Maximum up-time
  • Multi-layered security
  • Compliance & Reporting
  • Reduce false positives
  • Enhance detection accuracy
  • Speed positive threat confirmation
  • Accelerate response
  • Behavioral Analysis – Users/ Assets/ Network
  • AI-driven Threat Analytics
  • Eliminate Alert Fatigue from False Positives
  • AI-based Data Analytics Engine
  • Machine Learning-based Detection
  • Analyzes Millions of Indicators per Minute
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Notification on Fast-Moving Threats
  • Monitor Potential Attacker Reconnaissance

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SOD gets what the channel is about. They didn't just do a hand-off and said, 'here's the script, go.' They came prepared with market data, client targeted content and training. And they figured how to work within our sales organizationn.
-Senior Vice President, Technology Integration Group