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Beyond Innovation

What is a 5th Generation Platform?

The attackers are ahead of the defenders, and they always will be. No one can anticipate the full range of cyber-security threats, vectors, and trade craft that will be used to penetrate systems, steal data, or destroy information assets.

Even with those constraints, we can still apply a generational approach to how cyber-threat detection platforms must evolve in order to stay ahead to the degree possible. Security On-Demand employs a 5th Generation platform in threat management, combining behavioral analytics, advanced security use cases, threat intelligence and situational awareness. We have advanced the thought leadership in the industry and provide this next generation platform with the following capabilities:

  • Faster Time to Detection Ability (reducing breach impact)
  • Average 50% cost Savings over in-house solutions
  • Higher % of Advanced Threats Detected
  • AQ TechnologyTM – Advanced Data Access Analytics Platform
  • Proactive Threat Hunting

We have spent over a decade and a half working with SIEMs and intimately understand their shortfalls and capabilities. SOD’s Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service goes beyond what a SIEM solution can do. [Learn More]

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