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About Security On-Demand

the Company

Founded in 2001, Security On-Demand is an industry pioneer, and recognized innovator within the managed security industry and has been recognized throughout the years for its industry thought leadership, services innovation, and technology leadership.

We help organizations transform their approach to threat detection and response by analyzing all the data, all the time to provide actionable notification and orchestrated response.


Security On-Demand’s research and development team includes world-renown researchers, data scientists & mathematicians that have published over 250 papers and created a broad base of intellectual property.   Security On-Demand’s patent portfolio consists of numerous granted and several pending patents, which provide a rich technology base for the SOD threat analytics platform and provide a competitive edge over other solutions in the marketplace.

Our team has achieved a number of scientific breakthroughs in the areas of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as it applies to the detection of advanced and unknown cyber threats.

Full-Spectrum Threat Management

Full Spectrum Threat Management is our 6th Generation Threat Analytics platform utilizing out patented AQ Technology foundation to