Security On-Demand’s Generational Threat Model

What is a 5th Generation Platform?

5th Generation platforms do not use SIEM technology, but use Threat Analytics as their technology paradigm. Threat Analytics platforms do not depend on rules or signatures to identify threats, but instead use behavior and machine learning across a non-reduced data set. 5th Generation platforms natively correlate user, asset, and network behavior and use multiple types of machine learning to both detect threats as well as automate if not eliminate the level 1 human security analyst.

We have advanced the thought leadership in the industry and provide this next generation platform with the following capabilities:

  • Faster Time to Detection Ability
  • Average 50% cost Savings compared to SIEM
  • Lower cost of triage & threat analysis
  • Higher % of Advanced Threats Detected
  • AQ TechnologyTM – AI-based Data Analytics Engine
  • Behavioral Threat Analysis
  • Advanced Security Operations Center (ASOC)
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Automated Remediation/Orchestration
  • Supervised & Unsupervised Machine Learning

The Economics of Threat

The cost of threat detection can be a significant expense to an organization, particularly when there is insufficient definition of economic outcomes of the effort.  When evaluating any technology, platform or service, there is essentially a trade-off between cost and risk that must be used as part of the purchasing decision. Security On-Demand offers a trade-off analysis as a four dimensional cost benefit analysis that can help every organization better understand their defined outcomes.  We refer to this analysis as the “The Economics of Threat”.

For more information or to download our White Paper, ‘The Economics of Threat”, please click here.

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