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Cybercriminals are out in force...

1 %
53% of successful cyber-attacks infiltrate without being detected
0 %
91% of all incidents, did not generate an alert
1 %
74% of companies that suffer a data breach, find out 6 months after it started

Why after spending billions on cyber security are the Bad Guys still getting in?

The key problem in cyber security today is the data. Every day, your devices generate millions or billions of log events and most cyber security tools cannot fully process and analyze all of them for potential threats. 

The result? Attackers are hiding in plain sight in your data. Security On-Demand’s ThreatWatch platform has a unique advantage of finding the threats hidden in your data by using Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence models and Rough Set Mathematics to find threats early before they can exploit your system.

What is ThreatWatch?

With ThreatWatch, you can detect both static and advanced threats faster and more accurately than any SIEM tool or threat detection platform. ThreatWatch is the world’s first full-spectrum cyber threat monitoring service designed to bridge the gap between data and action.

Eliminate the alert fatigue caused by too much data/alerts
Predictable Cost Model (Pay only for what you use)
No Variable or Event Volume based (EPD) based billing
Meet all of your regulatory compliance requirements
Actionable Notifications from our SOC using our “S.O.R.A.D” format
24×7 monitoring & response
No need to manage or maintain your own toolsets

Key Advantages Utilizing The Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service Include:


Let us show you the full power of what ThreatWatch can do for you: