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Our Full-Spectrum Threat Management
Gives You the Alerts that Actually Matter

Our comprehensive data analysis finds threats faster and more accurately than any other technology on the market.

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis

Detect unknown threats and anomalies with Advanced Threat and Log Analysis service (ATLAS). We’ve spent the last 20 years developing our Advanced Analytics platform that uses 6 Artificial Intelligence models and machine learning to find dynamic threats.

Our Advanced Threat and Log Analysis service also includes our 24×7 threat monitoring, Advanced Log Analysis, and access to the ThreatWatch platform.


ThreatWatch platform

AQ Analytics

SOD’s ground-breaking AQ TechnologyTM is based on Rough Set mathematics and 3 different Artificial Intelligence models.  AQ TechnologyTM is a data analytics engine that sits between the data lake and the application which provides analysis of indicators 100+ times faster than querying the database directly.

Threat Reconnaissance Unit

SOD Threat Recon Unit collects, analyzes, and disseminates threat data from across the globe to provide you with maximum protection against threats most relevant to your industry and organization.

  • Pre-threat analysis – anticipate attacks before you are breached
  • Cyber threat intel – based on intelligence community tradecraft
  • Robust Intelligence Repository – mapping attackers to events
  • Big Data Analytics capability to speed IOC research at scale 
  • Adds intel feedback into our ThreatWatch Analytics Platform
Threat intelligence

Additional Services