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Users of LastPass, an online password manager, learned on Monday that the service had been hacked and their email addresses and password reminders were compromised. Almost every site has a TOU (terms of use) that specify that passwords cannot be shared and recommend that users create a unique and strong password for every their site. ​With all of the sites that users connect to on a daily basis, from email to banking to social media, a person can’t keep up with every password? LastPass’s service is supposed to help users put all of those passwords in a central repository so that you don’t have to remember each one. The goal is that the users will implement different passwords for each application they use and that the passwords will conform to strong password guidelines.

In the situation of the LastPass breach, businesses may be concerned that their employees stored passwords to their corporate accounts and that these are now vulnerable. Organizations should encourage employees to change passwords on a regular basis.   Password security is a challenge because it relies upon a human to remember something. ​But, to err is to be human.  ​This latest breach is a great reminder that passwords are still an important part of security. Have a conversation with your team today. Remind your employees about the importance of good password hygiene. Most companies are compromised because of easy things like password insecurity or patching. Don’t let your organization fall victim to a preventable attack.