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Case Studies

How We Detected the Ransomware Attack on a Healthcare System

Wanna Cry ransomware infects hosts and encrypts files while installing a backdoor Trojan.

How We Detected Malicious Malware Traffic on State Judiciary System

A suspicious outbound FTP connection was allowed through the firewall to a “not normal” destination.

How We Detected Threats on Mobile Devices on E-commerce Retail System

Command & control traffic indicated a “botnet” type of malware that was connecting to a China-based control server.

How We Detected Suspicious Cloud Connections of a Mid-Sized Bank

A bank experienced unauthorized sharing of documents involving users connected to file sharing and exploited vulnerabilities in remote control service.

How We Helped Our Large Retailer Client Avoid Audit Compliance Fines

Customer had to prepare for and pass an external audit within 90 days in order to avoid penalties of up to $100,000 per month.

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