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Policy & Compliance Analysis Service

Security On-Demand’s Policy and Compliance Analysis (PCA) Service provides firewall, router, and switch security policy configuration and risk analysis “as-a-Service”.

Our PCA Service is a comprehensive, non-intrusive, solution for gaining instant visibility to policy changes that may decrease your risk posture, without your knowledge or consent.

Identify security risks present in the firewall configuration & policies

Analyze intended firewall rules as part of your risk management process

Prevent improper rules from being implemented

Implement real-time firewall change management tracking and notification

Ensure best practices by comparing firewall configuration to a knowledgebase of best practices

Features and capabilities include:

  • Continuous Auditing of changes

  • Identify Unauthorized configurations

  • Support for most firewall, router, & switch vendors

  • Performs a Risk Analysis of your firewall rules

  • Non-Intrusive, off-line analysis

  • Easy-to-Understand Analysis Reports

  • Compliance Analysis for PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, NIST, & Others

Policy & Compliance Analysis Service Brief

The human is always the weakest link in security.  Misconfigurations, errors, and unauthorized changes are often the greatest threat to an organizations security posture.  Security On-Demand’s PCA service is designed to overcome these challenges and is a critical audit best practice, now rolled into a fully managed subscription service.

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