White Paper:  The Economics of Threat

SOD's Generational Model of Threat Detection

The Economics of Threat - An SOD White Paper

Unfortunately, the cyber-criminals, nation-state hackers, and foreign competitors who want to put you out of business are adopting new technology quicker than we could ever imagine. Within the cyber-security space, it is not adequate to simply improve our current workflow and threat analysis capabilities.  We must make generational leaps into the next level of threat detection to be able to defend our data and our networks.

In this new era of threat, we must continuously advance to new generations of technology to stay current with the attackers.  That is what drives Security On-Demand’s perspective of the generational threat model continuum and its economics. As part of this effort, we offer a four-dimensional analysis of how organizations can evaluate the threat detection capabilities of third party MSSP/MDR providers or their own in-house capabilities.

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