ANNOUNCEMENT: Security On-Demand Announces ThreatWatch Response and Remediation Service | SEE RELEASE

Identity theft, credit card fraud have become hallmarks of the times. Consumers provide personal data to scores of entities from retailers to healthcare providers and even the government. But,  we expect these entities to do everything they can to keep our data safe. The  I.R.S. data breach in early 2015 brings forward a new and even larger concern. What is the impact of the loss of data at the higher levels of the government? The I.R.S. records contain everything about a person to create an identical duplicate of YOU. It’s the first step of identity theft. I.R.S. commissioner John Koskinen has recently announced that the entity is ramping up its security by sharing information between tax preparers at state and federal levels (Cohen, 2015). The results will be analyzed and provided back to those in the industry to understand what kind of threats they may be facing.

However, threat sharing is not a new solution and it’s available to all businesses. Security On-Demand’s ThreatWatch© 2.0 has been using threat intelligence from several sources to help customers in all industries. It’s able to analyze business data and traffic patterns to understand privilege levels, the behavior of users, common threat vectors, socially engineered attacks, and network traffic of allowed protocols such as DNS, HTTP, HTTPS. ThreatWatch© 2.0 actively identifies high risk anomalies and defends customer networks and data by leveraging intelligence gathered from across its client base. Coupled with additional threat intelligence sources to achieve a level of visibility and protection that simply cannot be achieved elsewhere, Security On-Demand helps more customers than those just in one specific business.