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Healthcare Managed Threat Detection & Response

Built to detect threats and prevent breaches on your network

ThreatWatch for your Healthcare Organization

IT Security is an ongoing challenge in the healthcare industry. As virtual medical visits increase, personal health information becomes more accessible online, and your IT environment continues to expand, the risks of a data breach have never been higher. 

Find and mitigate threats in your entire environment more intelligently with ThreatWatch Advanced Detection & Analytics service. 

Protect Your Patients' Data

Security On-Demand’s ThreatWatch solution gives you 24×7 threat monitoring that goes beyond reactive system monitoring. ThreatWatch proactively finds threats before they wreak havoc on your systems. 

The ThreatWatch Detection & Analytics solution provides advanced threat correlation, user target visibility, and identification of where the malware is hiding.

Stay Compliant and Report Regularly

With ThreatWatch, you gain access to the reporting platform with all the information about your mitigated threats, log analysis, and actions from our SOC.

We give you all the tools to build compliance reports easily and routinely. See below for all the HIPAA requirements we help you cover.

HIPAA compliance chart

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