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White Paper: How to Avoid Getting Burned Building Your MSSP

Learn how to avoid getting burned by MSSPs

In this White Paper you’ll learn:

Whether your SIEM has successfully protected your customers from static threats for years, or you are looking for a SIEM to help turn your MSP into an MSSP, advanced threats are evolving and SIEM technology is quickly becoming inadequate as the number of dynamic and unknown threats continues to grow.

As SIEMs are completely rule-based, they cannot detect anomalies, unknown threats, or dynamic attacks. Not to mention, these security solutions reduce the amount of logs they analyze in order to increase their processing speed, which increases your risk of threats slipping by undetected.

However, many aspiring MSSPs discover all too late the cons of out-of-the-box SIEM solutions along with hidden costs and extreme inefficiency.

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