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Over the last 5 years, Security On-Demand has invested in a robust technology core to support its rapid growth. The SOD technology core utilizes a number of big data and artificial intelligence innovations to solve complex information security problems, specifically with regard to issues related to cyber security threat detection, analysis and threat management.

The core technology elements are protected by 7 patents with key capabilities highlighted below:

  • Threat Analytics Technology – Fifth generation threat detection platform that processes data 353 times faster than the industry leaders that dramatically lowers customer cost of interaction per cyber Investigation
  • Behavioral Threat Detection –based on proprietary methodology which performs behavioral threat modeling for Network, User, and Asset behavior to find advanced threats
  • Patented & Proven Technology Stack – We do not use 3rd party software (e.g. SEIM tools) or licenses
  • ABCD Total Risk Score – SOD’s proprietary method of risk scoring provides a fully normalized risk algorithm derived from multiple risk factors.
  • Multi-tenant data architecture which allows for customers to have tiered nesting of customer threat information portals (for organizational dashboard rollups)
  • Machine Learning for Automation – Improved alert scoring through operator feedback and low false positive rate
  • Machine Learning for Detection – Building on our AQ Technology foundation, we have designed and use a number of ML anomaly detection models to detect unknown & advanced threats
  • Labor Cost Elimination – Eliminates and reduces need for internal staffing for monitoring
  • Public & Hybrid Cloud – Native integration public cloud based log data & support for Hybrid Cloud environments
  • Threat Recon Unit – SOD’s threat research, publication, and investigation unit designed to apply threat intelligence, conduct campaign analysis, and expand threat research capabilities
  • AQ Technology – Patented data analytics technology that can speed queries to threat detection applications by over 100X at 99.5% accuracy.
  • Analysis of ALL the Data – Full ingestion and storage of all potential threat indicators so that data reduction is NOT required.
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