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Industry View: The Sony Hack

Everyone is talking about the most recent “Sony Hack”.  In fact, you’re probably tired of hearing about it. But, here are some key takeaways to talk to your clients about:  Growing Complexity Hacks are getting more sophisticated and purpose-driven all the time.  Our security approach needs to be equally purpose-driven and must include prevention, detection and response measures. We provide normal security services like many vendors but we also provide behavioral based security. Very few outside of national governments have this. These Attacks are Persistent Face it, even if we do everything right, the determined bad guy will find a way in. The question is how quickly we can recognize the attack and provide countermeasures to stop the “kill chain”. The actions we take after the initial intrusion or infection but before the complete loss of control of the computing environment are critical. The Real Issue – You must assume that if you write something in an email, someone other than the intended recipient will read it. It happens all the time. Imagine how uninteresting the Sony hack would have been if it weren’t for all the juicy comments derived from the executives’ emails. Specialized Skills Are a Requirement Most businesses do not have the specialized skills in house to identify and stop the most sophisticated and devastating threats.  This may be a risk decision made by an organization. Others may not recognize their threat matrix or do not believe they would be a target. Data Is Interesting, Intelligence is Actionable We need to have a detailed understanding of threat actors and campaigns against our industry and our business. We require increased visibility of our environment including malicious activity within the network and at the border. Outside expertise is needed to counter incursions and shorten the time from discovery to recovery.