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Israel’s DeserveIT joins forces with Security On-Demand to protect customers and create a ‘digital haven’ for innovation

Cloud services leader, anxious to protect infrastructure against growing threat landscape, turns to SOD’s Threat Watch monitoring solution, for real-time discovery of suspicious activity and the ability to react decisively to avert damage to reputation and data

February 20, 2020; San Diego, CA, United States; Tel Aviv, Israel

Security On-Demand (SOD), a global leader in advanced-threat detection and mitigation solutions, today announced that it has partnered with Tel Aviv-based cloud services provider DeserveIT, to deliver secure network services for Israeli companies that operate internationally.

DeserveIT, part of Rad-Bynet group, services over 3,000 customers around the globe and is a prominent player in Israel’s cloud-computing market, having garnered a reputation for robust delivery of innovative, always-on infrastructure solutions to leading enterprises. As part of its portfolio of global services, DerserveIT has committed itself to an uncompromising approach to cybersecurity, and pledged to deliver the highest in international protection standards.

“When providing best-in-class cloud services, as we do here at DeserveIT, cybersecurity cannot be treated as an optional extra,” said Roy Levy, Chief Technology Officer, DeserveIT. “ITaaS and mainly security is at the heart of what we offer our clients, who are some of the biggest names in the business community. Of course, the challenge that we face is how to respond to a global threat landscape that is not only growing, but becoming increasingly complex, more cunning and more unpredictable. We turned to Security On-Demand to be the core of our security team in order to deliver premium security services to our clients.”

Security On-Demand’s advanced behavioral analytics and 24-7, state-of-the-art, AI-based threat detection will become an integral part of DeserveIT’s global solutions. SOD’s Threat Watch never sleeps, trolling through petabytes of network-behavior data, looking for suspicious activity and finding many threats that other cybersecurity solutions fail to discover.

“Nowadays, we know that most cyberattacks go unnoticed,” said Peter Bybee, Chief Executive Officer, Security On-Demand. “And that represents a very real – and in some cases, crippling – cost to business. It only makes sense for gated communities like DeserveIT to have the strongest possible threat protection, so they can assure their customers that they inhabit a safe environment.”

The ability to detect advanced threats in real time and respond quickly has become a necessary component of today’s cybersecurity portfolios. According to US Department of Defense research, the time taken for attackers to penetrate and compromise a corporate environment has fallen sharply in recent years, from months to just minutes. Security On-Demand’s approach to this escalation is to probe real-time network-activity data for telltale markers of intrusion. Because such breadcrumbs are often left well in advance of an attack, there is ample opportunity to mitigate, or even prevent, damage.

“The cost and agility benefits of cloud computing are undeniable,” Levy added, “but they must be balanced with the safety and security that comes with traditional enterprise solution architectures. Our global clients require 24-7 total threat awareness to compete effectively and safely. Today, we read about new breaches and attacks hourly. Our goal is to make the DeserveIT ecosystem the safest, and most productive environment it can be.”

“When we work with clients, we form partnerships,” Bybee said. “We build lasting relationships, founded on trust; we collaborate to create digital havens, where business professionals can get on with the business of business, without having to constantly look over their shoulders for the barbarians at the gate.”


About DeserveIT

Deserve-IT is a leader in cloud computing services, having built systems in a unique, flexible architecture that provides customers with the capabilities, reliability and performance normally associated with enterprise-scale organizations. Its ecosystem allows the running of DR service farms that allow movement of all IT infrastructure and information systems and even expand the office communications network to work in a hybrid-cloud configuration. DeserveIT provides ITaas which offers their customers a wide range of services under one roof. They specialize in IaaS, Baas, Draas and focus on giving their customers the best 24 hour support.


About Security On-Demand

Security On-Demand (SOD) provides 24-7 advanced cyberthreat detection services for businesses and government agencies.  SOD’s patented, behavioral-analytics technology platform enables the detection of advanced threats to protect brand value and reduce the risk and mitigate the impact of a data breach.

Headquartered in San Diego, with R&D offices in Poland, SOD protects hundreds of companies globally. SOD’s threat-management solutions feature its ThreatWatch, 5th-Generation Threat Analytics and Management platform, designed to decrease time to detection, significantly lower the rate of false positives, and provide around-the-clock detection of advanced threats at a reasonable cost to mid-market, commercial and government entities.

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