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Every minute your network is down is a lost sale, a lost customer, a lost opportunity or lost productivity.  Whether it’s your e-commerce platform, web store, your back office systems, your VoIP phone system, your e-mail or your other mission critical applications.



Security On-Demand’s premises-delivered security services are designed to protect against threats and attack vectors that are inside the network perimeter, such as insider threat, client-side attack, endpoint based (PC, laptop, iPad, mobile).



Unlike network based scanning tools, our App Scans on-demand scanning service tests for security defects at the web application and code level, where over 75% of compromises occur, to detect and report on vulnerabilities before they get exploited by hackers.

SIEM solutions have become known as expensive to maintain, costly to license, require a great deal of expertise configure, and are incapable of detecting today’s advanced security threats such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s), Single Use Malware, Ransomware, and many other types of sophisticated cyber-attacks.  It’s older technology that has its place, but simply is not a total solution to a problem that is becoming larger by the day.

Every organization’s computing environment, data, applications, patterns, users, network traffic, and data assets are different. We use advanced algorithms and machine learning and apply it to each individual customer’s environment in order to find undetectable threats. Traditional SIEM-based approaches cannot take these variables into account because of the massive volumes of data created each minute of every day.  Our ability to detect advanced threats sooner and at a lower cost, without completely removing the human element (our Level 2 SOC), is a 5th Generation solution.

Our cloud-based service offers robust and highly scalable event collection architecture that collects and monitors several billions of customer log events every day, reducing detection time from months or weeks to just days.

Our fifth generation threat analytics and log detection solutions have implemented new security models to achieve this through human bio-immune defense simulations and machine learning approaches.

We Think Differently about Cybersecurity 

  • The current commercial process model for defending against attacks is not working
  • Incident Response is the wrong mindset – it focuses on a reactive approach
  • We focus on prevention using the Human Bio-Immune System as our security model
  • A three-tiered, Workstation, Company and Global Anomalies Behavioral Analysis


  • Three Types of Behavioral Analytics Capabilities (User, Network, Asset)
  • Providing continuous self-defense/self-remediation capabilities
  • Applying Expert Systems & Machine Learning approaches to automating actions & responses based on various cybersecurity risk indicators

Threat Detection & Analytics Solutions

Application Security Solutions

Network Security Solutions

Endpoint Security Solutions


Every industry has a unique way of doing business, different threats and regulatory requirements. Security On-Demand works to understand your business and to provide the best solution to meet your needs, so you can focus on your core business.

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