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Policy & Compliance Analysis Service

We protect your manufacturing organization with our 24×7 threat monitoring and Advanced Threat and Log Analytics technology.

With our full-spectrum solution, we manage all your devices, including Internet of Things (IOT) to ensure that your operations continue to run smoothly and securely.

Identify security risks present in the firewall configuration & policies

Analyze intended firewall rules as part of your risk management process

Prevent improper rules from being implemented

Implement real-time firewall change management tracking and notification

Ensure best practices by comparing firewall configuration to a knowledgebase of best practices

Features and capabilities include:

  • Continuous Auditing of changes

  • Identify Unauthorized configurations

  • Support for most firewall, router, & switch vendors

  • Performs a Risk Analysis of your firewall rules

  • Non-Intrusive, off-line analysis

  • Easy-to-Understand Analysis Reports

  • Compliance Analysis for PCI, ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOX, NIST, & Others

Manufacturing Policy & Compliance Analysis Service Brief

The human is always the weakest link in security.  Misconfigurations, errors, and unauthorized changes are often the greatest threat to an organizations security posture.  Security On-Demand’s PCA service is designed to overcome these challenges and is a critical audit best practice, now rolled into a fully managed subscription service.

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