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White Paper: Maze and Ryuk Ransomware

Learn what makes Maze and Ryuk different from other ransomware, and see how they are successful at exploiting their victims' defenses and wreaking havoc once inside.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

Ransomware first entered the scene as a serious and categorical threat in May 2017. Since then, the new category has been an incredible money-maker for threat actors and multiple variations have been iterating non stop ever since. 

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) and security teams across the globe have focused their efforts on detecting and deterring these destructive attacks. One trend, however, appears to be certain: Ransomware is here to stay, and both the virulence and velocity of these attacks are on the rise. 

Two new strains of Ransomware appear particularly troubling. Security On-Demand’s Threat Reconnaissance Unit (TRU) has published this Threat Assessment Report in an effort to help educate our community on better identifying indicators and providing guidance on a strategy to counter-act this threat.

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