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Managed Detection & Response for a New Threat Generation

Providing managed detection and response (MDR) services is tough in today’s world. Unless you are constantly investing in R&D and a dedicated workforce, attackers will continue to be ahead of us, the defenders. Yesterday’s solutions won’t detect tomorrow’s threats.

The most popular cybersecurity solutions today, referred to as 3rd generation, were built as reactionary threat detection machines. Find a threat, write a rule, catch the threat when it happens again. But when your data and assets are on the line, is that good enough anymore?

Within the cyber-security space, it is not adequate to simply improve our current workflow and threat analysis capabilities. We must make generational leaps into the next level of threat detection to be able to defend our data and our networks.

5th generation platforms do not use SIEM technology as its primary engine but use threat analytics as their technology paradigm. Threat analytics platforms do not depend on rules to identify threats, but instead use behavior and machine learning to evaluate all of the available data without data reduction. They natively correlate user, asset, and network behavior, including advanced correlation use cases, and use machine learning to not only detect unknown threats but also to evaluate their accuracy.

Tough Tech to Crack
The volume of data produced today by our networks, applications, other systems is immense and overwhelming, affecting the organization’s ability to analyze all of the data. With so much data being generated, attackers are essentially able to hide in plain sight.

The tools used today cannot find all the threats due to data reduction, ingestion bottlenecks, and data access performance. In addition, increasing data volumes are severely affecting the ability to store, manage, and analyze the data. By solving the data access problem, 5th generation platforms can significantly improve time to detection by lessening the dwell time of a threat, thereby saving the organization from financial losses, reputational impact, and business interruption.

AQ is the Differentiator in Threat Analysis
Supported by multiple patents, Security On-Demand’s AQ Technology sets itself apart with its ability to detect advanced threats, find them sooner, and at a lower cost than industry competitors. It powers SOD’s 5th generation ThreatWatch platform. While other service providers attempt to use additional labor to solve the problem, SOD believes this to be unsustainable due to increasing data problems and shortage of qualified security personnel in the industry; throwing bodies at the problem is not the solution.

AQ Technology has the distinct advantage of continuously analyzing all the data all the time while rapidly enabling data access for threat detection applications. This provides the basis for superior threat detection, analysis, machine learning, threat hunting, forensic discovery, and further automation within the security operations center. This lessens the burden on human analysts and lowers the cost of service delivery to the customer. AQ Technology optimizes threat detection models to achieve faster threat detection, greater accuracy, fewer false positives, and a dramatically lower cost to analyze and validate threats.

About Security On-Demand

Security On-Demand is an industry pioneer and recognized innovator within the managed security space. We are leading the industry in threat detection through behavioral analytics and machine learning.