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New 5.01 Customer Portal is Live!

We are excited to announce that our latest version of Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service (ThreatWatch) Version 5.01 is now available to all customers.

Version 5.01 has several important enhancements that are summarized below.  “Customer feedback continues to be a big factor in our product development”, according to Peter Bybee, CEO of Security On-Demand.  “Many of the new enhancements were driven by specific customer needs around compliance reporting and improving productivity.”  A few of the updated changes include:

  • Upgraded Reporting capabilities including Saved Views in the Log and Alert pages
  • New Report Templates
  • New Saved Views/Reports Dropdown
  • Increased Log Query Results
  • Device Inactivity Notification Service Upgrade

In addition to the portal and platform upgrades, Security On-Demand is pleased to announce new service options available for the ThreatWatch platform that provides the Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service.  There are 3 new service options available including

  • Proactive Threat Hunting Service– This new service provides out-of-band threat hunting for malware and advanced persistent threats utilizing memory forensics and does not rely on device logs.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Log Analysis & Correlation– We now offer monitoring of Office 365 log files for audit events, user activity, unauthorized logins, other log activities to detect potential security threats as part of a comprehensive and holistic threat detection platform.
  • Netflow Data Support– We now offer full support of using Netflow data from devices such as firewalls, routers and switches which utilizes flow data to detect anomalies and potential insider and data exfiltration threats.