The latest version of Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service (ThreatWatch) Version 5.02 is now available to all customers.

“Customer feedback continues to be a big factor in our product development”, according to Peter Bybee, CEO of Security On-Demand. “Many of the new enhancements were driven by customer input around supporting custom reports, improved threat visualization, and more understandable threat lifecycle explanations.”

A few of the updated changes include:

  • Cyber-Attack Lifecycle Mapping
  • Page Navigation Improvements
  • Visual Representation of the Alert Lifecycle
  • Custom Report Formatting

In addition to the portal and platform upgrades, Security On-Demand is pleased to announce new service options available for the ThreatWatch platform that provides the Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service. There are 2 new service options available including:

  • Proactive Threat Hunting Service –This new service provides out-of-band threat hunting for malware and advanced persistent threats utilizing memory forensics and does not rely on device logs.
  • Device Type Support for IoT (Internet of Things) – A new device type category has been created for IoT devices within customer networks so that these devices can be identified separately from other devices.
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