The air was electric as hundreds of the most visionary CEOs in the information security industry descended upon the12th Annual West Coast Information Security & Broader Technology Growth Conference (called “AGC” by those in the know). This two-day innovation soiree is a veritable who’s who in the industry.  This is a high voltage meeting of innovators who are shaping our industry. From enterprise immune systems to cyber hunting and everything in between, we covered it all.

AGC is made of up three components:

1.     Moderated panel discussions where CEOs and industry leaders debate and challenge solutions to our biggest security challenges. This is a great forum to get an introduction to the latest thinking on the issues that affect all of us in the cybersecurity arena.

2.     Speed Dating – Blind dating meets speed dating. The AGC matchmaker gives you a table number and a time. You meet your date there. Will it be a match made in heaven? This portion of the event brings together potential partners to share ideas and identify synergies.

3.     Shark Tank – CEOs and Founders of emerging startups get 15 minutes to pitch their company. There is nothing more exciting than trying to figure out what will be the next big thing.

So, what were some of the top discussions?

Imagine if you could see your entire network at network speed.

The unfair statistics – Offense always wins. This is a tough one when you at it from an information security perspective. You work so hard at defense – you can block 100 shots, but if the other team scores one goal, you’ve lost the game.

Organizations are rapidly moving from a desire to have a point-in-time assessment of their situation to wanting continuous monitoring.  An assessment is out of date before it’s even been read. Organizations are starting to realize that they can’t just do a few assessments once or twice a year, but they need to be vigilantly monitoring for vulnerabilities and intrusions continuously. Security On-Demand has been working this way for nearly two decades.

It’s always inspiring to spend a few days hobnobbing with the thinkers and doers of the industry. Security On-Demand is at the forefront of behavioral analytics technology and it was inspiring to hear from so many of our industry’s leaders about the importance of advancing these technologies.