SOD Customer Excellence Program

What's So Great About It?

What's So Great About It?

Each customer is provided with integrated support using a cross-functional approach that improves our responsiveness & quality. This results in faster decisions and resolutions to issues as well as more consistent communications and improved change order support.

All Customers have an integrated support team!

All Customers have an integrated support team!

They assist customers with service notifications, technical issues, service information, quotes, and sales orders. They will meet together regularly in support of customer goals, support needs, value delivery, and coordination.

Easy, Customized Feedback

Easy, Customized Feedback

Customers can give us feedback, easily and simply.  Just say yes or no. Or write about a specific experience. It’s up to them. Our micro feedback tool keeps us informed.

It’s About Delivering on Our Commitments

Technical Account Manager (TAM)
Our TAMs are experts who partner with customers to help achieve business results from their investment with us. They combine technical expertise and knowledge of business needs.

TAMs Will Guide and Connect 

  • Introduce customers to people within Security On-Demand.
  • Set goals and objectives for Security On-Demand and their business success.
  • Create and help execute customer roadmaps for future long-term goals.
  • Plan and align upgrade or migration strategy.
  • Training assessment and planning.
  • Conduct regular business reviews to track existing goals and establish future direction.

We’re ready, day or night, to help troubleshoot issues quickly and proficiently


Security On-Demand’s Customer Excellence Program is about just that: Our customers.  We want to know what they think and how they are doing.  We want them to know how to contact us whenever they need to.   And to get that feedback we are also introducing an easy-to-use feedback tool. There will be links on email and in our portal to micro (fast) feedback areas where customers can offer us quick feedback on our services and personnel performance.  This is just one more tool to make our customer experience exceptional.

The result?  Drastically improved responses and increased customer satisfaction.

Security On-Demand is a cybersecurity partner of AT&T.

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