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Security On-Demand Launches New Cyber-Attack Detection Solution: ThreatWatch 2.0

Security On-Demand Inc., a leading provider of Security-as-a-Service, advanced cyber-threat monitoring and response services today announced the launch of ThreatWatch® 2.0. ThreatWatch® 2.0 is built on the vision that organizations should be able to detect and respond to cyber-security threats in a period of minutes or hours instead of weeks or months.

Find the hacker before they do damage.

“Early detection capability is a key differentiator and is at the core of providing value to our customers”, said Peter Bybee, CEO of Security On-Demand. He further added “Finding the hacker, hidden malware, or other compromise within your company’s network before they steal sensitive data or do serious damage has become absolutely essential”.

Imagine finding and stopping employees from using your network inappropriately.

For 20 years, the belief that a hardened external perimeter is best way to protect a company has lulled us into a false sense of security. We are starting to see the ramifications of this approach in an increasing number of data breaches resulting from insider threats – both malicious and accidental. ThreatWatch® 2.0 analyzes business data and traffic patterns to understand privilege levels, user behavior, common threat vectors, socially engineered attacks, and network protocols such as DNS, HTTP, HTTPS that will identify high risk anomalies and defend customer networks and data.

ThreatWatch® 2.0 utilizes Security On-Demand’s proprietary behavioral analytics technology which includes the creation of a customer risk profile based on that organization’s individual business, data, and traffic patterns. Faster detection means faster response and containment.

The level of situational awareness afforded by the advanced detection ability, behavioral analytics, visualization, and threat intelligence capacity of ThreatWatch® 2.0 has raised the performance bar within the managed service provider industry. “ThreatWatch 2.0 is not only about detection; it also integrates response and is the first step toward a future where networks are self-defending and self-healing”, quoted Bybee. “Our vision is to be able to provide organizations with advanced tools to identify and respond to attacks before damage is done to their brand.” Bybee continued, “Using big data and behavioral analysis techniques, our next step will be to make accurate predictions about attack behavior and further automate defense responses so that mitigation occurs in real time. This will significantly shrink the response and containment time – and that is a game changer for the security industry.”


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