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Press Release: Security On-Demand’s Cyber Threat Detection Takes Another Leap Forward with the Launch of ThreatWatch® Threat Detection and Analytics Service

Security On-Demand’s Cyber Threat Detection Takes Another Leap Forward with the Launch of ThreatWatch® Threat Detection and Analytics Service

Security On-Demand announces new cyber threat detection capabilities that surveilles attacker scans and detects hidden threats using groundbreaking advancements in Artificial Intelligence-based anomaly detection.

Security On-Demand Inc. (“SOD”) today announced the next major release of their ThreatWatch® cyber-threat detection and analytics platform, offering major new threat detection capabilities that are the first of its kind in the managed security industry. The solution upgrade features Scan Surveillance capabilities, enhanced behavioral analytics, and several new AI-based applications for threat detection, which increase time to detection against stealthy advanced threats.

The new 5.2 release features Security On-Demand’s new Scan Surveillance capability which proactively monitors threat sources and actors who probe for weaknesses and then use that information to design an attack to exploit the target systems. In addition, the solution enhances “Internet of Things” or “IOT” threat analysis, which utilizes SOD’s behavioral anomaly detection abilities to identify change deviations in device behavior, which can detect attacks using behavioral analysis.

SOD’s Unsupervised Anomaly Detection system can find unknown threats solely using raw log data, which is ground-breaking in the world of cybersecurity. This is due to the fact that machine learning analysis of alert data has inherent human bias and cannot find unknown IOCs or similar threats. Unsupervised Anomaly Detection has not been previously utilized in cyber because of the big data problem of analyzing all the data generated by devices today. SOD’s patented, Big Data analytics technology AQ Technology™ solves the problem of analyzing all the data, all the time, so that it can facilitate threat analysis in real-time.

Currently, SOD is building out their sixth-generation ThreatWatch services and the new Unsupervised Anomaly Detection capability is the first of several new analysis evolutions that will launch SOD into full-spectrum, threat analysis using its patented technology. “Our AI and machine-learning-based detection capabilities have been maturing for over three years, continuously analyzing all our customer’s data without data reduction, while eliminating the vast majority of false positive alerts that plague most security operations, teams.” Bybee states.

Security On-Demand provides its MSSP and Managed Detection & Response (MDR) offerings through select, value-adding partners such as Managed Service Providers, telcom carriers, consulting organizations, and cloud service providers. SOD’s ThreatWatch service and Managed Security Services are available through its network of partners and solution providers (

About Security On-Demand

Security On-Demand (SOD) provides 24×7 advanced cyber-threat detection services for mid-market companies and state or local government agencies. SOD’s patented, behavioral analytics technology platform, ThreatWatch® enables the detection of advanced threats that help protect brand value and reduce the risk of a data breach.  Headquartered in San Diego, California with R&D offices in Warsaw Poland, SOD services and protects hundreds of brands globally and is the winner of multiple industry awards. Please visit us at Find us on LinkedIn and follow us on Twitter @SecurityOnDmand.

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