Insight and understanding of what’s happening at the network, asset, and user level

Reduce Incident Response Times

Reduce Incident Response Times

Because you’ll receive a detailed notification within minutes of an identified threat, you will be able to respond quickly to mitigate the threat and minimize the impact of the attack.

Simplify Compliance

Simplify Compliance

Satisfy regulatory compliance using fewer resources. We perform the required logging of devices and a single pane of glass where you can generate the necessary compliance reporting.

Improve Visibility & Control

Improve Visibility & Control

Customized parent-child views in the portal allow management staff to view trends across the whole business while individual departments see the information relevant to their group.

 Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service

Advanced Threat & Log AnalysisBusinesses are under constant attack from known and unknown threats. It’s an unfair fight – you need to stop an enemy you can’t see. Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service filters through the chaos and shines a light on anomalous activity that indicates a threat. We take it a step further and apply contextual knowledge and situational awareness specific to your organization to validate and prioritize the threats that are most critical to your business.

When your brand is under attack, minutes matter. That’s why Security On-Demand has built scalable and fast data processing technology that powers through billions of logs, quickly finding that needle in the haystack. With actionable notifications, we empower your security team with a summary of the attack and recommendations for action – in minutes, not hours or days. Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service gives you the confidence to focus on your core business.

 Advanced Threat & Log Analysis service offers situational awareness with actionable intelligence.

  • Detect breaches faster
  • Reduce the impact of a breach
  • Minimize business interruptions
  • Streamline security policies and procedures
  • Improve breach investigation and reduce resolution time

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service:

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service can cut the time to detecting a breach from weeks or months to hours. Learn more about how you can minimize the impact of cyber attacks by downloading our data sheet now.

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