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What’s happening right now in your IT environment?

You must protect your network from an array of constantly changing threats. From run of the mill nuisance attacks to stealthy and sophisticated advanced persistent threats, you need a way to rapidly identify and respond before your business is interrupted or your brand is damaged. But, constantly monitoring your network, systems, and applications is a huge challenge. Security On-Demand’s 24 x 7 managed security services provide you with full visibility into what’s going on in your network in real-time. We work to ensure you have the actionable intelligence you need to respond quickly and decisively to threats that are attempting to exploit your systems.

Our Customer Security Portal provides visibility to all security event data, alerts, logs, scan vulnerabilities, external threat intelligence that contribute to an understanding of overall risk posture of the organization.

Monitor Security Threats Around the Clock

  • Situational awareness of the current threats to systems and data assets
  • Compliance specific dashboards, reports, and panels that provide overall compliance status, current gaps, and needed actions
  • Centralized, holistic integration of security event data from ALL sources of potential risk
  • Cloud-based architecture, which provides encrypted access to centralized log and alert data 24x7x365, updated continuously in real time
  • Full-featured security controls including layered access roles, encrypted access, multi-factor secure communications
  • Dashboard builder – offers fully customizable dashboards and reports with over 100 pre-built panels to choose from

In addition to these capabilities, we provide tools for real-time log analysis, “one-click” alert drill downs, charting, graphing, threat research, change management, scan remediation workflow, and more.

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