Customer Security Portal

Real-Time Threat Analytics

We provide you a full view of all your data, all the time.  But it’s not just the data, it’s the interpretation of the data that provides the real value.  SOD gives your a deeper understanding of your threat data with insightful dashboards and “drill-downs” into the data.

  • Visualization & Graphical Views of your traffic, logs, alerts, & data
  • ABCD Total Risk Score explanation of each ThreatWatch Alert
  • Drill down analysis into the relationships between the data
  • Multiple ways to pivot, summarize, report, and analyze your data
  • AQ Technology – Queries can sift through Billions of logs in seconds
  • Full visibility to all of your data as it is analyzed in real-time

Access to All Your Data – All the Time

The Security On-Demand Customer Portal offers meaningful insights into attacker information, behavior patterns, context, and the impact from defensive measures to help you the level of risk associated with an alert.  Each ThreatWatch alert can be further analyzed in our portal to understand the underlying factors of the risk scoring.

Our Client Portal Features the following:

  • Compliance specific dashboards, reports, and panels that provide overall compliance status, current gaps, and needed actions
  • Full-featured security controls including layered access roles, encrypted access, multi-factor secure communications
  • Ad Hoc Queries & Customizable Reports that can be pre-scheduled for regular delivery
  • Report Library of over 300 reports, including compliance reports for PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FFIEC, SOX, & more

Security On-Demand takes care of all the monitoring, analysis, and notification, 24×7 so your IT or security only needs to get involved when there is an actionable event.

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