Introducing Our Threat Reconnaissance Unit (TRU)

Taking Back the Night

We have all seen it, the Bad Guys have all the advanced technology.  So how do we fight back?

The first step is to level the playing field. How? We will provide you with the Threat Intelligence to help you get ahead. This is the data you need to fine-tune your network defenses, keep executives informed of the global threats, and enable strategic decision making with more efficacy.

With our TRU Service, we can help you get prepared for today’s new threats.

SOD Threat Reconnaissance Unit

Tactical. Strategic. Orchestrated.

Our Threat Reconnaissance Unit (TRU) focuses on developing intelligence that provides Strategic and Tactical solutions.

  • We take events, incidents, and indicators and compile them in real-time
  • Tie them to your environment
  • Attribute them to actors or campaigns and targeted industry trends
  • Provide the complete security posture of your organization

Our model enables your decision makers to have an accurate view of the cyber risk and respond accordingly.


  • Provide world-class Threat Intelligence Services that give you a greater level of security and value.
  • Provide customized intelligence products for both strategic and tactical level partners as well as enabling security beyond monitoring
  • Intuitive integration with our ThreatWatch Platform to enable faster triage, contextual Summary, Observations, Recommendations, Analysis, Details (SORADs), and automated threat hunting

Key Service Highlights

  • Data Prioritization & Quality: Validate efficacy of and prioritize selectors and alerts based on latest intelligence
  • Intelligence Trend-Based Optimization: Detection adjusted based on new trends and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)
  • Improved Correlation: Better ability to correlate events across data types with more accuracy
  • What We Recommend: Validate health of your firewall, IDS, and other system monitoring and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Threat Intelligence Reporting: Personalized, rich with industry trends and threat summaries
  • Industry Awareness Briefings: Specific and topic focused based on our data feeds
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