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Threat Reconnaissance Unit

Security On-Demand’s Threat Reconnaissance Unit identifies global cyber threats specific to organizations through advanced monitoring of the global internet, hunting via security operations, and correlating it all through machine learning and advanced analytics.  This provides our customers with greater security and more relevant decision-making information.

"Are you Ready for your Worst Day?"

Security On-Demand Ingests Over:


Indicators and Signatures


High-Confidence Threat Feeds


Monitoring of 300+ Threat Actor Groups

Applied Intelligence to Protect Your Business

Security On-Demand’s Threat Reconnaissance Unit collects, analyzes and disseminates threat data from across the globe to provide you with maximum protection against the threats most relevant to your industry and organization.

  • Pre-Threat Analysis- Anticipate Attacks before you are Breached
  • Cyber Threat Intel built around intelligence community tradecraft
  • Robust Intelligence Repository mapping attackers to events & indicators
  • Big Data Analytics Capability to Speed IOC research at scale
  • Intel Feedback into our ThreatWatch Analytics Platform

Informing Business, IT, and Security Executives

TRU recognizes that an organization cannot be sufficiently secured without the support, buy-in, and funding of the business beyond information security. TRU provides your leadership with

  • Strategic level executive reports – including research and other relevant information
  • Alert, Threat, & Risk Interpretation relevant for your industry and risk profile
  • Briefing assessments that paint an up to date picture of the current threat landscape that helps support your strategic business planning

Threat Flash Alerts

High-priority, current critical threats that you need to be aware of to protect your organization, assets, and staff

Industry-Based Threat Summaries

Through marrying the analytical outcomes of over 3.2 billion logs with external, high-fidelity intelligence we provide you with the latest threats and trends facing your industry

Personalized Threat Briefings

Face-to-Face and web-based threat briefings tailored to your audience focused cyber threats, vulnerabilities, trends, and security strategies