Attackers are Hiding in Plain Sight

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service

Our Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service provides early detection of advanced threats, satisfies regulatory compliance requirements, reduces dwell time of malware while providing your organization with situational awareness and actionable response.

Utilizing multiple threat detection models powered by AQ Technology, our Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service finds advanced threats that go undetected by SIEM solutions.

Don’t Get 10,000 Alerts When Only 10 Matter

SOD’s Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service sifts through the chaos of information and shines a light on threat activity that could impact your organization. We don’t overwhelm you with false positive alerts to make you think we’re doing our job.  That’s just wasting your time.

Take the Guesswork out of Analysis

What is at threat to my business and what is not?  Security On-Demand will only send you Actionable Alerts, that have been verified as anomalous, unusual or suspicious.

When you receive an alert from SOD, you’ll know it’s serious.

Key Advantages utilizing the Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service include:

  • Eliminate the alert fatigue caused by too much data/alerts
  • No need to manage or maintain your own toolsets
  • 24×7 monitoring & response
  • Actionable Notifications from our SOC using our “S.O.R.A.D” format
  • Meet all of your regulatory compliance requirements
  • No variable or Event Volume based (EPD) based billing
  • Predictable Cost Model (Pay only for what you use)


SOD WhitePaper:
Attackers Hiding in Plain Sight

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