Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service

Advanced Threat & Log AnalysisThe Attackers are Ahead of the Defenders.  Your organization is under constant surveillance and attack from known and unknown threats.  It’s an unfair fight and it always will be.  Your organization needs to be able to detect an adversary that is extremely difficult to find or see. SOD’s Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service gives you an affordable and scalable answer to defending your systems, users, data, and assets.

Security On-Demand’s Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service sifts through the information chaos and shines a light on potential threat activity that could impact your company or government agency.  As part of our service, we apply attacker and threat knowledge gathered from industry intelligence sources and also from our Threat Reconnaissance Unit™ (TRU), which provides situational threat awareness to help prioritize the proper response.

When your organization is under attack, hours & minutes matter. That’s why our solutions leverage AQ TechnologyTM, built for fast data analysis that sifts through billions of logs, quickly finding that needle in the haystack. With actionable notifications, we empower your security team with our proprietary SORADTM notification format.  SORADTM notifications provide you with a summary of the attack and recommendations for action.

The 5th Generation Threat Platform

We have spent over a decade and a half working with SIEMs and intimately understand their shortfalls and capabilities.  SOD’s Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service goes beyond what a SIEM solution can do.  Our 5th Generation threat analytics solution includes the following capabilities:

  • No rules to maintain and manage
  • No overwhelming numbers of alerts to sift through
  • No staffing, product expertise, or coverage to maintain
  • Easy-to-Interpret “Total Risk Score”
  • Subscription based cost model
  • Full Compliance Reporting
  • Pay only for what you want monitored
  • No tuning required
  • Self-Service Web Portal
  • Full Data Ad-Hoc Queries & Reports
  • Pre-Assigned Technical Account Resource
  • Flexible device and API support of custom use cases

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service

SOD Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service is a 24×7 Managed cyber-threat Detection and Response (MDR) service that

  • Enables the detection of advanced threats
  • Satisfies regulatory compliance for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, & Others
  • Reduces the risk and impact of a data breach
  • Provides organizations situational awareness & actionable response

 Key Benefits Include

    • Full 24×7 Monitoring Coverage
    • Coverage of All your threat Data
    • Eliminates Need for SIEM solution
    • Insider Threat Detection
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Threat Insights On-The-Fly
    • Mitigate business disruption
    • Operationalized Log Management
  • Remediation of Threats
  • Subscription Service

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service:

Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service can cut the time to detecting a breach from weeks or months to hours. Learn more about how you can minimize the impact of cyber attacks by downloading our Service Brief now.

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