Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention

24x7 monitoring, investigations and response to cyber attacks against your network

24x7 Monitoring, investigations and response
to cyber attacks against your network.


Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention solutions are a critical component of network protection that every organization should be using. But, these systems require tuning, management, and specialized knowledge in order to be effective. Many organizations just don’t have the resources in place to make effective use of IDS/IPS solutions.

SOD’s IDPS On-Demand service provides 24 x 7 security event alerting, investigation and response to potential security incidents. With certified engineers, we provide immediate on-call and after hours assistance to extend the IT security capability of your team.


Virtually all compliance objectives require an IDS or IPS capability (PCI, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, etc.)

Reduced security risk

The comprehensive protection from Malware, whether Known (signature-based), Unknown (traffic and protocol anomalies), Zero Day, DoS or DDoS attacks.

Protect unpatched systems

Most environments cannot control all end user desktops. Security On-Demand can architect the solution to help put a stop to the spread of malicious traffic from infected users, while notifying the security team or administrator where attacks are originating.


IDPS On-Demand Service helps organizations protect against attacks that originate inside and outside of the network. With Security On-Demand’s hybrid service delivery model you enjoy:

Key Benefits:

  • Security updates with current signatures

  • Tuning and management

  • Includes all hardware, management and maintenance

  • 24 x 7 threat monitoring and response

  • Immediate coordination against detected attacks

IDPS On-Demand Service:

To be effective, IDS/IPS technologies require a great deal of tuning, maintenance, and specialized knowledge. These tools are most effective when the information they generate is integrated with other data for a fuller picture of what’s really happening. Security On-Demand’s Managed IDS/IPS Service can help. Download the Service Brief now.

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