NAC On-Demand Service

With a perfect storm of guest wireless networks, smartphones, tablets, and a workforce demanding to work on the device of their choosing, it’s become a major challenge for security teams to allow flexible access while maintaining a high level of security.

Security On-Demand

  • Manages the implementation of the service
  • Provides 24X7 SOC analysts that investigate and notify customers on high fidelity issues.
  • Provides customer access to logs and alerts for the service through Security On-Demand’s cloud-based customer portal.

NAC On-Demand Service Features

NAC On-Demand from SOD helps organizations mitigate threats created by rogue endpoints including mobile devices, PCs and laptops, wireless access points, and other devices by notifying when they connect to the corporate environment based on pre-determined policies. You have the capability to select use cases to target specific needs in your environment.

  • Rogue Device Detection 
  • IoT Device Detection
  • Advanced Asset Visibility 
  • Endpoint Compliance Detection
  • Unauthorized Application Notification
  • Misconfigured Asset Detection
  • Flexible Access Control by User, Device or Policy
  • Remediation of Out of Compliance Endpoints
  • Unauthorized Application Prevention
  • Rogue Device Prevention

NAC On-Demand

Network Access Control (NAC) On-Demand Service helps organizations mitigate threats generated by endpoints such as mobile devices, PCs, laptops, wireless access points and other devices that connect to the corporate network.

Network Access Control (NAC) On-Demand

Ensuring that security policies are being followed, while allowing employee the flexibility to work on any device they choose is a major challenge. NAC On-Demand from Security On-Demand can help you bridge the gap between security and flexibility. Download the Service Brief to learn more.

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