Managed Web Application Firewall Service

Web applications remain the number one source of vulnerabilities targeted by hackers. Yet, these applications are often riddled with insecure code.

  • Vulnerability scanners are not well-equipped to detect web application defects, and as a result, vulnerabilities often go unidentified – just waiting for an attacker to come along and exploit.
  • Exploitation of web applications can lead to identity theft and information leakage, and ultimately, brand damage.

Security On-Demand’s Managed Web Application Firewall Service provides essential defense against exploitation from application based attacks.

24x7 Monitoring & Tuning

Regular WAF Tuning Sessions

Maintenance, Patching, Upgrades, Backups

Integration with Vulnerability Scanners

Detailed reports on sources of vulnerabilities

Customized policies based on PCI Compliance, Hosting & Audit

OWASP Top 10 Threat Blocking

Client Security Portal

Managed Web Application Firewall

Managed Web Application Firewall Service helps relieve the burden of managing and maintaining business applications, e-commerce sites, intranets and other applications that utilize web-based architectures. Our hybrid service delivery model means you enjoy:

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • No CapEx Spend

  • Reduced product training and certification needs

  • Reduced burden on your staff

Managed Web Application Firewall:

Managed Web Application Firewall Service can help you secure your business critical web applications and websites. Address the OWASP Top 10 and more with Security On-Demand’s award winning managed security services. Download the Service Brief now.

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