Vulnerability Scanning

Scans On-Demand

Just because a device might be considered safe today does not mean it will stay that way. While constant application updates provide users with exciting new features, they can also introduce vulnerabilities that, when found, can open the door to bad actors. Continuous vulnerability scanning services provide an added level of security protection that all organizations should be leveraging to uncover those situations and significantly reduce the time to detect in your environment.

Implementing vulnerability scanning services is typically a very long process. You will need to review different scanning solutions, make a selection, purchase the tool, and then begin training a valuable team member with limited time and resources to implement and manage the service. Our Scans On-Demand Service provides an added layer of security for your organization without the added expense of additional team members or training.

The service includes internal and external vulnerability scanning on a monthly basis along with an additional remediation scan. Weekly scanning is also available for clients with additional needs. These scans help detect vulnerabilities, weaknesses and missing patches that expose potential exploitation.

Once scans are complete, the documentation is populated into our customer portal for easy access, allowing you to leverage the report to help manage and address any vulnerabilities found within your organization. These scans can also easily be downloaded and provided to auditors when requested. Additionally, the vulnerability scan data is integrated into Security On-Demand’s risk-based correlation cloud for improved accuracy and analysis of attacks against vulnerability hosts for customers also leveraging our Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service.

Scans On-Demand

Vulnerability scanning helps businesses stay on top of vulnerabilities in their environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Significantly reduced management overhead
  • Added level of security
  • Correlations with other threats when leveraged with Advanced Threat & Log Analysis Service
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