ThreatWatch Analytics Platform

Threat Analytics

The Problem

  • Detection Windows are Shrinking (19 minutes)
  • Unknown Threats are on the rise
  • Organizations Can only Defend, & They must be right every time
  • There is so much data, Attackers are hiding in plain sight

The Solution – Threat Analytics

SOD’s ThreatWatch is a 5th Generation advanced threat detection platform that detects a higher percentage of advanced threats, utilizing a multiple detection models powered by an unequaled threat analytics engine (AQ Technology) that can analyze millions of threat queries a minute.

  • Analysis of ALL the Data (not Data Reduction)
  • We find patterns in seemingly random events
  • Our AQ Technology quickly scans all the data, continuously
  • AQ Technology is the foundation for 6th Generation detection

SOD WhitePaper:
The Economics of Threat

The Security On-Demand Threat Analytics Model

Security is primarily a data problem and data access is the main inhibiting factor in performing threat analysis.  Security On-Demand solves this problem by using AQ technology to allow threat detection models to become fast and accurate.

No matter what threat detection model is used, there are always more questions to ask of the data.  This is because machines and algorithms don’t question assumptions, only humans do.  The security analyst will always have additional questions to ask the data to validate assumptions.

Download our White Paper to find out how our ThreatWatch analytics platform can make a difference in your organization.

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