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Reduce Your Malware Dwell Time

ThreatWatch hunt can reduce the time between the malware discovery and a data breach. Shortening the cycle can make all the difference, like spending a few hours of remediation compared to a full-compromise company shutdown.

“Time-to-Detection” is everything when detecting cyber threats. If you cannot detect threats early and then respond quickly, you are not getting the most out of your MSSP or solution. Take back the control or give control access to our SOC to isolate, disconnect, and manage any devices affected by a cyber attack.

Advanced Threat Hunting

What is Advanced Threat Hunting?

Proactive Threat Hunting requires toolsets and technology beyond what normal Security Operations maintain to perform their day-to-day threat monitoring and triage activities.

How does ThreatWatch Hunt work?

ThreatWatch Hunt integrates hunting toolsets and methods with Security On-Demand’s proprietary correlation and behavioral analysis capabilities, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Unsupervised learning models that use behavioral analysis of attack patterns. ThreatWatch Hunt includes the following process:

Correlate Such Activity With Logs, Alerts, And Other Information Received
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Monitor The Alerts, Logs, And Output Provided By The Advanced Threat Hunting Activities
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Validate The Threat As Part Of The Triage And Investigation Process
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Tune And Provide Continual Feedback To Ensure That Normal System Behavior Is Baselined

Once an alert for a potential threat is received, the data is correlated with other security information and then goes to our SOC team for the associated response, triage and investigations. **A key aspect of the ThreatWatch Hunt service is that we conduct periodic scans of network devices so implants and threats discovered during a sweep is automatically added to the ThreatWatch analytics platform.



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