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ThreatWatch Response & Remediation (RAR)

Find the threat and stop threat actors in their tracks with our advanced response capabilities

What is ThreatWatch Response & Remediation?

ThreatWatch RAR is our integrated Response & Remediation service that allows you to respond quickly to the threats found with your ThreatWatch Detection & Analytics service.

“Time-to-Detection” is everything when detecting cyber threats. If you can detect threats early and then respond quickly, you can decrease your risk of a breach by 83%. 

We offer this toolset fully operated by your team or co-managed with our 24×7 SOC to isolate, disconnect, and manage any devices affected by a cyber attack.

How ThreatWatch Response & Remediation Works:

All of your data is continuously analyzed to identify potentially harmful behavior & events.

Our 24x7 Security Operations Center triages and investigates the most critical alerts.

Based on the investigation, your team may get notified to quarantine an affected device. Or, our SOC can quarantine a device based on pre-defined factors.

The result? You prevent the attack from advancing deeper into your network, and you buy yourself more time to safely recover the device(s) you quarantined.

Key Capabilities

  • Deploy in minutes, automated host discovery, works on day one
  • Agent or Agentless deployment
  • Continuously monitor endpoints
  • Detect the latests and emerging threats through Infocyte SYNAPSE and Behavioral Analytics Engine
  • Quickly identify threats, dive into the details and review collected data for analysis
  • Simplified Threat Hunting at your fingertips through detailed analysis and ActivityTrace
  • One-Click response to identified threats using Infocyte provided Response Actions or customize your own

Key Benefits

  • Your team gets access to advanced orchestration capabilities such as containment and quarantine actions
  • The RAR service allows the SOC to perform forensic examinations of endpoints and servers that exhibit malicious activity and then to take action on the information that has been gathered during the investigation.
  • ThreatWatch RAR is provided as an add-on service to ThreatWatch MDR and is provided as an enhancement to the core threat analytics service. 
  • The endpoints and servers you would like to use on the service can be configured to use and agent-based or agent-less approach to taking orchestrated actions.


See what ThreatWatch Response & Remediation can do for you:

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